New CommuniTree Website!

CommuniTree now has a new website!  It can be viewed by clicking here or by visiting

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Introducing: The Living Marquee

The first sustainable marquee available for hire in Australia.

Features: a living grass roof and living green walls

Sizes: 6×6 m, 6×9 m and 6×12 m


  • Beautiful lush green aesthetic
  • Unique concept
  • Keeps people cooler than in a regular marquee, without the use of air- conditioning
  • First sustainable marquee available in Australia
    • Plants absorb carbon and provide clean oxygen rich air
    • Negates need for energy-hungry air-conditioning
    • Recycled materials used for the living roof system
    • We offset carbon used in the running of our business (including energy used in manufacturing the marquee and vehicle use)
    • Uses rain water for irrigation, pumped to the roof by solar energy

For further information please contact

Catherine Duniam


P: 0407 800 961

Nb: The Living Marquee is available for hire from March 2011, in Victoria, Australia

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Rewards for digging up your lawn!

These are pics from my new veggie patch, which i hope further demonstrate the rewards of digging up your lawn!

Delicious broccoli fresh from my garden 🙂

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My favorite green roofing plant

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Garden Girl – Oaks Day Races 2010

"Luckily the horse ate the roses instead of my skirt!"

Last November Garden Girl appeared at the oaks day races in a living outfit to promote gardens, green roofs and walls, and more urban vegetation in general. She appeared on Channel Ten news, and in the herald sun. This year will be bigger and better. There will be three garden girls dressed in living outfits with the same goal of promoting the greening of the city.  Garden Girl may also make an appearance in other parts of Melbourne so keep your eyes peeled !

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Water Use

Gardens and greenery are a great investment of water – much better than long showers and hosing driveways…  In fact urban vegetation actually saves water! Through insulating and cooling the city vegetation saves energy made by coal-fired power stations- which use about a third of Melbourne’s drinking water. Plus there is plenty of grey water and storm water that can be captured, treated, stored and used to increase the greenery in our cities.

In regard to mature trees that are struggling with reduced rainfall and heat wave it really is worthwhile watering them- because if that tree dies you then lose all the water that has been invested into that tree over the 100yrs or so of its life.

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Oaks Day Melbourne

Catherine Duniam, Garden GirlToday I took the opportunity to display my passion for urban forests to the thousands of people gathered at Flemington racecourse for the Oaks Day Races.

My out fit was aimed at inspiring people to grow more gardens in the city, and consisted of real live plants,  including grass, mint and succulents.

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